RECOVERY, that overused and often distorted word, is the dissolution of our unconscious and the restoration of our conscious

RECOVERY, that overused and often distorted word, is the dissolution of the unconscious.  When repressed traumatic memories and events are acknowledged, felt, grieved, and freed—we become liberated.  Our contact with our child within becomes clear so that truth can flow through us.
We’ve all have had moments of recovery.  With unusual clarity, we see truth.  The clouds part—and we say ‘aha’! We are at one with all things.  Truth is no longer distorted through the filter of the disturbances of our past or the biases of our family and culture.  Truth is revealed, clear as a bell.
But sustaining a recovered state can become a difficult task.  To do so, we must do study work.  I’m not suggesting tedious hours of repetitive prayers or dissociative mediation.  Recovery is simpler..
Our task is to resolve the traumas buried in our unconscious with the help of our child within, the traumas that imprison truth and entangle our life force and creativity.  The disturbing wounds inflicted on us beginning in earliest childhood, even in the womb of a troubled mother in conflict with a father, are absorbed by the child and must be resolved so that we may live fully and honestly.  We must see, feel, and grieve our traumatic history in order to clear the minds holding bin, the unconscious.  When the unconscious is clear we become RECOVERED.


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