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Two people can live together with little meaningful, intimate contact, separated by walls of silence

Do not seek straight paths in darkness, possessed by fear.

Recovering Relationships was birthed to provide experience-based support for individuals and families across the stages of long-term recovery

it is only about returning to the child within

She let go…. Without a thought or a word, she let go.

Love is in essence dispassionate and unemotional.

The problem isn’t that we are looking for what’s wrong. The problem is that we can very easily slip into only looking for what’s wrong.

We’re scared to receive, we’re scared to be vulnerable and admit we need help

Recording you can nurture a wonderful relationship with your greatest ally: your own true self!

Some of the biggest challenges in recovering relationships

Our Recovery grows from the fertilised soil of our suffering.

Stagers forgive spontaneously and without effort because we have fully embraced our damaged childhood and grieved every honest ounce of our misery.

Social Media can be seen as still a favourite way of feeding our dissociation addiction.

Recovering Relationships is a unique, radically different method of recovery