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Simply saying the words that were never spoken or feeling emotions that were never felt

Unenlightened societies fear healed people more than they do the worst criminals.

Our Vision is to see ourselves healing our relationships living meaningful, productive, personally satisfying and well supported lives

Recovery visionary is a person who journeys into the wilderness, away from the comforts and compromises of the norm

We are born with one of the most powerful gifts anyone could ever have

The 3 C's of Recovery Life

Things don’t happen as they should.

Breaking free from the recovery norm and finding a new way to understand our disability.

Changing from a frozen, outworn way of recovery may be painful and fraught with uncertainty

If we refuse to change, our problems do not go away.

Times of change in our recovery this can be unnerving.

We hit a wall. A terrifying reality confronts us. We must change—or we’ll die.

Times of change in our recovery this can be unnerving.

We now have to look at ourselves, our recovery becomes divided, into three possible changes

Healed and spirited children do not protect denial, and their very existences force people to come into contact with their buried sides.

The higher the expectations, the lower the serenity. I try to keep my boundaries high, my expectations low, and my heart open.

If you let it – your negative mind can run your life.

We with differing addictions and behaviours, to life itself, we need an alternative to the recovery norm

Our minds are capable of great amounts of darkness and fear.

Everything is more complicated than you think.

We have never seen it, probably never talked to it and likely didn't know it existed.

The Ten Stages Study Course is perhaps the greatest human exploration and adventure about rebuilding autonomous self worth.


Our Vision is to see people with recovery disabilities