We recover when we connect with the expansive urge for the truth of our child within.

We recover when we connect with the expansive urge for the truth of our child within.  This is our deepest and most natural tendency—to grow in direct contact with ourselves and our families.
In order to grow, we must align with our child.  there is a price:  we must resolve our problematic legacy.  We must leave our families and their denial of the wounds we carry.  We must leave their limiting definitions of meaning and safety.  We must part company with the known and the norm and the dysfunction they unwittingly carry.  We must shun the external definitions of our identity.  We cannot play the old role to be true to ourselves.  We must define ourselves by aligning with the truth at our core and grow beyond the attitudes and behaviour of our parents and the culture that sustains their denial.
To fail to grow is an aberration, a thwarting of our natural propensity.  To fail to grow is a perversion of our natural instincts to recover.  This thwarting of our natural urge to evolve is the result of emotional trauma, inflicted during childhood by those who had power over us.  These traumas entangle our life force and inhibit our growth.  Our child within remains in shock and terror—daring neither to be true nor creative.  When we resolve our traumatic past, we begin to evolve quite naturally as life intended.  Our consciousness expands and we know and align with the truth that runs like a river through us.
We needn’t invent the capacity to recover:  we either allow it or prevent it.  For some, to recover seems farfetched, which reveals how far we have drifted from our natural purpose and how terrified our child within has become.  The failure to grow depicts the power of convention and taught trauma that highlights the overt or hidden pressure exerted on us by our families to remain obedient, wounded children.


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