Fear is a toxic and very fast spreading virus of the mind. As you get deeper and deeper into stageology

Fear is a toxic and very fast spreading virus of the mind. As you get deeper and deeper into stageology, you will become more sensitive to other people and their state of being.

Your job is to stay aware of your being and notice when you have taken on the thoughts and emotions of others.

Have you ever noticed that you could be having a perfectly fine day and then you spend time with someone whom you love and care for, who may be in a negative and fearful place, and after you're done hanging out with them, YOU feel negative and fearful?

That's what I call catching the fear bug. You have let the energy and thoughts of another become your own. And doesn't it almost feel unfair, because they didn't even ask? They just seemed to dump all over you.

But you see, as you become more aware, as you step into your own CHILD WITHIN power, this will not change the negativity of the world or of others. In fact, you will become vastly more aware of other people's fear and negativity. But do not fret.

Your job is to become strong enough to see and experience the fear and negativity of others and, instead of resisting it and calling it "evil" or "dark", to understand it is simply a deep yearning for love. When you understand and know that another's fearful and negative state of being is nothing more than a call for love, you no longer have to assume their fear or let it affect you.

You can simply understand what they are really looking for and send Loving Kindness instead of fear back to them.

When we understand that the fear and negativity in others is a call for our Loving Kindness, we inoculate ourselves against the fear bug. We have an anti-fear-otic that, through our awareness,transforms fear into Love within our child.

This way, we can purge our bodies of the fear of others and actually respond from a place that not only helps to elevate and heal them, but also elevates and heals us in the process.

So inoculate yourself from fear today by understanding the negativity and fear of others is simply a call for Loving Kindness and decide that you are going to be the person to answer that call today.

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